5x More Words Written

By putting the lessons into action, I went from 3,000 words written in eight weeks to 16,000 words written in three weeks. (Plus I attended seven more taekwondo classes than usual, wrote two reports, began editing a novel, and completed a ton of other work.) The changes in my perception of time are astounding. I’m getting more done than ever, yet my time feels expansive, like I have more time than ever. I’m not even finished with the course and it has already more than paid for itself. It is transformative. I highly recommend it. – CH, writer

Changed the very fabric of my life.

Thank you so much for this course. It has been so much more than I anticipated. I was looking for a way to manage my time that WORKED and a way to get over the procrastination, it-never-seems-to-get-doneness. Got that. But what I didn’t expect was the absolute subtle shift in how I regard time itself. It is now a container rather than a driver. And shaping a day around how I work/what I need is so obvious and basic, and yet changes the very fabric of my life. Thank you. I have enthusiastically recommended this course to friends and colleagues. I so look forward to continuing to learn from you. – LS, seo consultant

Skills I wish I had learned in school.

This is technically time management but in a living, breathing, what-works-for-you way. I wish I had learned these skills in school instead of calculus. – LG, holistic health practitioner

Instead of stifled, I feel liberated by planning.

I have always dreamed of doing real planning in advance, but I usually bristle at the idea of locking myself in. In working with Cairene, instead of feeling stifled by planning, I felt liberated by it. I was able to create a map of what I want the next six months to look like that creates a feeling of freedom and spaciousness. From that map, I’m creating systems and routines that support me and my business. It’s happening organically and sustainably. It’s creating space for growth. And I’m brimming with enthusiasm for planning, which possibly has never happened before! – SW, life coach

I no longer feel out-of-control.

I am in such a better place business-wise than I was just a couple months ago and I absolutely credit Cairene. I’ve shifted from seeing and experiencing both Time and Systems as things to struggle against to resources meant to support me. And that’s a pretty huge shift! I devoted the summer to getting my business systems built and stabilized, and now I have these underpinning supports that I know will serve me as I continue to grow. My systems feel so organic and are clearly ongoing processes I’ll continue to dance with. I adore Cairene and her willingness to explore, to experiment, to keep delving. She is an inspiration and a brilliant teacher. I have such great foundations and systems in place thanks to her and I highly recommend her programs. – DW, spiritual advisor

The student becomes the master.

You are SERIOUSLY a part of the gestation of this book. I never even THOUGHT about systems until you! – TS, craft business consultant

That slider puzzle analogy was a light bulb moment!

I learned so much from this course and it truly saved my sanity during a very stressful and strange summer. Without the things I learned, I wouldn’t be managing well right now at all.

By creating a flexible schedule, and giving myself transition time and buffers, I’ve been able to be productive and take care of myself. I learned to chunk things down rather than thinking about the whole enchilada – and I accomplished so much more by doing this, even when things were really overwhelming.

When I needed time off to regroup, I had things caught up and in good shape ahead of time. I knew what I needed, did it without guilt, and when I was ready to jump back into work, I knew what needed to done first, what could wait without hurting anything, and was able to do it without a lot of thinking or decision-making – simply because I had my systems in place.

I’ve come to trust I will finish things even if I don’t finish them right this moment while the iron is hot. And I’ve learned how to celebrate a finished project without jumping right into the next thing (I can’t even begin to explain how wonderful and what a big deal this is!).

So thank you, Cairene! I just don’t think I’d be doing anything for my business right now but sit here and twiddle my thumbs, so overwhelmed that I couldn’t decide what to do next (ack! I feel sick just thinking about it). You are amazing and so is this class! – MB, creative grief coach

I have been feeling so much more loved.

Making peace with maintenance has been deeply healing for me, especially understanding it as essential to the rest of my goals and part of achieving those goals. I have been feeling so much more loved by simply taking the time to care for myself through cooking, putting laundry away, changing the sheets & bath linens, and balancing my checkbook. This course is making a huge difference in my life. — PP

Now I have a super-detailed roadmap.

I want to give a huge shout out to the project planning process. Man, did it work like a charm! By working through the planning worksheets, it was easy to see what did and didn’t fit the scope of the project, break the project down into phases and steps, and set boundaries on how much time to devote to it. Those worksheets came in handy later when I needed to add tasks that I hadn’t thought of in the planning process or discovered where my initial assumptions were wrong (and not always in a bad way). And even though I didn’t look at any of the worksheets besides the phases/task list after I created them, the foundation was there and having it thought out and documented was incredibly helpful. I ended up with a very complete list of what I actually did (as opposed to what I thought I would have to do). And now I have a super-detailed roadmap of what needs to happen and when if I undertake this particular project again – which it is entirely likely I will, since it turned out to be a pretty excellent project! – EM, coach for moms

Everything makes sense to me now.

I’ve been doing some coaching with the lovely and brilliant Cairene, a systems and time management savant. She totally gets us creative entrepreneurs and how we think, organize and process. Let me just say that when she dropped into our conversation this line, “….remember in design class when they talked about the color wheel?” I swooned and leaned in closer to hear what she was saying. Bookkeeping has a color? Seriously? Seriously! Mine is blue. So does networking (yellow). Whimsy (pink). Creating (orange). Blogging (green). Learning (purple). And marketing (maroon). Now that I’ve color-coded my business and figured out which activities make mud when combined and which are harmonious I am so happy. Oh the happy! Everything makes sense to me now. This is a system I can get behind. A system that excites me. A system I want to explore. – JS, graphic facilitator

Goofy, but I’m loving it. It stopped the information overload.

Thanks to my musical time metaphor, I found a way to stop the information overload created by tons of stickies of various colors all over my desk. I bought a $6 musical composition book with a spiral binding. I leave it open and write my notes on those pages instead of on stickies. The staff reminds me of music and even though I scribble all over the page, at the end of the day, I look at my scribbles and decide if something should go on my schedule. I thumb through the pages and am reminded of things and it just works for me so much better than having sticky notes all over. Sounds goofy, but I’m loving it. – MB

Hiring her was the smartest thing I did.

Cairene is wise, thoughtful, and unbelievably creative about time. She’s a genius at transforming boring or non-existent systems into ones that are organic, supportive, loving and fun. I love her approach because it’s so non-punishing and curious and “hey, I get to do it my way!” Working with Cairene helped me enormously. All of her suggestions and insights were remarkably useful. Crap was sorted. Miracles happened. It has changed my freaking life. —HB, coach

It’s all become clear now that I’m looking at the in-between.

Cairene! You are the master (mistress?) of the liminal. I can’t tell you how helpful it’s been to me to pay attention to the transition points. I’ve been looking at the thing all this time for where things go wrong, and now that I’m looking at the in-between instead it’s all become clear. Thank you Lady Cairene of the Liminal. – PE, leadership coach

More Raves

Cairene’s perspectives on time and productivity – especially for us creatives – are something we all need to embrace. – MW, career coach

BRILLIANT! Run, do not walk, to work with this woman! Huge thanks, Cairene! – MD, creativity coach

Quicksand should be required reading for every entrepreneur and, well, every human being. It’s filled with so much smart stuff and so beautifully done. Loving it! THANK YOU. — FF, coach

I just want to say that I have bought and read/used/scanned through a ton of e-things over the years, and you are one of two e-thing producers who I think produce solid, useful stuff that is worth the money. — JD

Cairene, I have learned so much from you over the years that your words and voice are in the background of so much of what I do and how I do it. – EM

You have helped me immensely. Every day of my life is easier, more productive, and funner because of what I learned from you. — MS

A really cool, creative take on organization that has you actually feeling excited about doing it. – LH

Cairene makes systems and structure sexy. Trust me. – SML

Oh, I adore you Cairene. You just get it: productivity and time-management are anything but black and white, even if they sound all rational and straightforward. – BA